You Are the Gift

This is my last journal entry. This is based off a reading assignment and how it shaped my point of view during my stay in Ghana. The article I read was Turning Enemies into Friends by Sharon Eubank. There is a specific section titles “You Are the Gift.” I want to give my personal feelings about her words in this section.

Sharon’s main point was that of yourself being the gift you give to others, hence, you are the gift. Our mission trips aren’t necessarily about the goods or healthcare we provide to others, but it’s about how we can impact and change the lives of others. I personally feel that the healthcare part of our work was extremely important but the connections I made with the people were more. Time and time again I would make friends that I learned to love very quickly. I was able to show them who I was and what our program was all about. Being an example for them to see is so important.

I think my most proud moments were those of when people would personally come up to me and thank me for being there. They recognize that it was a sacrifice for us and when we were able to make friendships because of that sacrifice it makes it all so much sweeter.

Upon finishing my trip I think I will remember the people the most rather than the good we did. I hope that they will remember us as well. So often the people would tell me that they would remember me and hoped that I would do the same. That at the end of the day is what makes it all worth it. That is why I came to Ghana, to be the gift.


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