Week 5 Pt. 1

Sorry for the lame title I just couldn’t think of anything special. This week has been a pretty good one. It’s been separated by a day off in the middle of the week so I’ll split up this blog post into 2 parts.

This week I was with Crystal Eye Clinic. On Monday we went to a town called Teshie and on Tuesday we went to a town called Budbumburam, I know pretty cool name. I ended up doing visual acuity both days. Monday was a really long work day for us as we put in around 9 hours. I had a little girl hanging on my arm the entire day. I had to take a picture with her and her mom when she had to leave. Tuesday was much shorter as we put in around 4 hours.

If we are being honest the highlight of my week was Wednesday. It’s the day I fully embraced the Ghanian culture and got my hair braided. It only took around 3 and half hours but I’d say it was well worth it. Many of the locals thought it was really cool and gave me praise for how well it turned out. I have to give credit to my awesome hair lady.


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