Last Trip with Saint Thomas

This week I found myself with the Saint Thomas Eye Clinic again. We got out schedules for the rest of our stay here and turns out I won’t be with them again. It’s a little sad but I think they got things under control. It’s a smaller group, so while being with Crystal we see 200-400 people a day and with Saint Thomas we see around 30-80 people a day, all good things though.

This week we went on an outreach Monday and an overnight Tuesday-Wednesday. I did the usual of visual acuity and medication distribution. On Wednesday our outreach got cancelled so we ended up going to a couple very rural villages and talking to the tribal leaders to discuss future plans of administering eye care to their people. It was really neat seeing the tribal cultural and talking a little to their leaders. They were all very nice and very open.. from what I understood.

Did I mention I took a quick trip to Disneyland and went on the Indiana Jones ride? Not really but some of the roads we went on I couldn’t see a 4×4 truck making it down let alone a van full of luggage and people. By miracle we made it but by no chance on the way home on a pretty decent dirt road we broke down, guess it we had it coming. We were stuck in the middle of no where for about 3 hours and had different mechanics and electricians work on the van but they couldn’t help. We ended up pushing it about half a mile and then switched to a new van and made it home to Accra around 9pm. What a day can I say. I must be spending a lot of time in these vans because I’m getting pretty good at sleeping in them, even on the bumpy roads.

We finished the week in the clinic. It was a great day shadowing the surgeons and learning more about the surgeries. We saw around 20 people and finished around 9:30pm, so it was a pretty long but fulfilling day.

Here are this weeks pics with the kids 🙂


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