Crystal Round 2

Well we had another week with Crystal Eye Clinic and it ended up being a great week. We did’t have any overnight outreaches so we always went back to Accra every night. We had a lot of different experiences so it made for an interesting time.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday we were on outreaches in various parts of Ghana, mostly in the Eastern region. I handed out medication and did visual acuity. We found ourselves in the bush more so I got to witness the rural parts of Ghana. These villages were very humble and a little more on the poor side but the people still seemed happy. I thought that was very admirable and hope I can apply that a little more in my life, since life is all about the simple things. I did see some children that were just a little too malnourished and my heart went out for them. Sometimes I wish that I could help more than just aiding with eye care but I have to trust that all will be okay for them in the end.

On Tuesday we had a clinical day at the Crystal Eye Center. We met Doctor Clark who is a fairly well known doctor out here. He was very nice and really helped me understand the processes of the various surgeries. I also witnessed a couple kids getting put under anesthesia which was very interesting to me. Every time that I find myself in the surgical room I get excited to learn more so one day I can help others. I think that’s a good thing?

The rest of the week we hung out, went to the movies, and went to the Accra market. It was a really fun weekend and I’ve grown close to a lot of people here.


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