Wrapping up week 1

Might I say a lot has happened. I find that everyday brings a new adventure and as my head hits the pillow I have many new memories to think about. I’d say the word of the week would definitely have to be HUMBLED.

This week we finished working with the Saint Thomas Eye Clinic. We found ourselves in Elmina, Makessim, and Nyaakrom in a 3 day over-night outreach. It was a really great time because we were often able to finish early so that meant we had time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Ghana. We went to the Elmina castle (which is the largest in the world btw), swam in the ocean on a pretty dang beautiful beach, and visited markets. I think pictures best describe the fun we had.

On Thursday we were blessed with an air-conditioned clinical day. It was a really neat day because we not only got KFC as a meal, but we were able to witness many pterygium and cataract surgeries by doctors Ela and Gyasse. Doctor Ela was from Cuba so we spoke quite a bit of Spanish to each other. At one point the power went out but apparently in the surgical theatre they just kept going in the dark! The doctor whipped out a flashlight and kept going with surgery. Wild wild wild.

Friday we had an outreach in Swedru where I met another best friend. That day was a long day, we ended up seeing over 115 different patients. Saturday we did laundry and hit up another beach. We played rugby on the beach and soaked up the Ghana clouds, as it was a pretty overcast day.

I’d be lying if I didn’t want to ask his mom if I could take him home.. Cutest thing to crawl the earth right now.

This week has been a great one. Thank you everyone for your support! Love y’all!


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