Being that it’s my third day in Ghana, everything is still very eye opening, literally… However I do feel that the acclamation is going well and I am very much enjoying myself. Today we woke up bright and early and took a crazy hour car ride to Akoto, Ghana, just outside of Accra. For this week I will be working with the Saint Thomas Eye Center which includes doctor Juju, nurse Margret, and many more. Those in my group include my buddy Dallin, Christian, and a med student Joseph. Today I personally worked closely with Margret. I handed out eye glasses, medications, and even took blood pressure for those who will later need to get Cataract or Pterygium surgery. I also learned how to read eye charts and help out with reading vision. After helping a little over 120 people we called it a day around 4 and then got dropped back at the Telecentre, our little hotel in the center of Accra. After winding down a little we went on the street where I bartered our coconuts down to 1 Ghana Cede a piece (20 cents). Our then street dinner consisted of chicken and rice with some nice spicy sauce on top. We got home a little after dark and called it a night.

Talked these babies down to 1 Cede

I do have to give a shoutout to my new bestie I made on my trip today. At first this little girl wanted nothing to do with me, but by the end she was hanging on my arm and wouldn’t let me work. She ended up crying when I gave her back to her momma 😦 It’s the little things like this that are making this trip all worth it and so enjoyable.


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